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EUROWIND ENERGY steps in the French wind farm developer, VENTELYS Energies Partagées

Mars 8, 2017

EUROWIND ENERGY A/S (EWE) steps in the French wind farm developer, VENTELYS Energies Partagées (VEP).

Driven by the dynamic wind sector in France and the attractive regulatory framework, EWE accelerates its geographical expansion by choosing to invest in VENTELYS Energies Partagées VEP, a French company founded by two experienced developers Agnès Busquet and Cyril Desreumaux.

VEP has a developer’s business model. The team identifies and secures sites suitable for projects, develop them through to consent stage and then sells them. EWE will acquire a 50% ownership in VEP by providing financing to VEP’s activities. Through the partnership with EWE, who in their latest yearly report stated a balance sheet of more than € 200.000.000 and equity of € 59.900.000, VEP has secured significant capital for its current and future activities.

Jens Rasmussen, CEO of EWE stated that “Our objective is to help grow the business providing financial resources and technical support to the team. The objective of this partnership is to develop a pipe of 80MW/year. Within the portfolio of VEP, we have already identified several projects which should be operational by the end of 2022”.

VEP’s Managers Agnès and Cyril added “With EWE, we have found a strong partner. VEP will benefit from its experience with wind and photovoltaic projects. This partnership will allow VEP to accelerate its activities.””.

About Eurowind Energy (EWE)

EWE has been developing and operating wind farms and photovoltaic installations since 2006, demonstrating long term commitment to the renewable energy generation sector. The company currently operates more than 800 MW of onshore windfarms in several European countries. In France EWE operates Montdidier Wind farm in the Hauts-de-France Region and have relations to Cormainville Wind Farm in Centre-Val de Loire.

About Ventelys Energies Paratagées (VEP)

Ventelys Energies Partagées, has been created in October 2017. VEP already has a portfolio of projects in Hauts de France, Grand Est and Nouvelle Aquitaine at various development stages for more than 100 MW. The company operates with an 8-person team.

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